The state of flow is not found on a map, but it is easily found when we are ready to be there. Being there could mean the difference between stress and struggle or pleasure and plenty in every area of your life.

What exactly is the state of flow? Quite simply it is a state of mind where you have a clear vision for the future, although you may not have a clear understanding of HOW to get there. Additionally, you have decided to be deliberately happy right now, regardless of what may be happening in your life. True happiness is not contingent upon circumstances.

When we are in a state of flow we align ourselves with everything that we want, and we begin to attract and attain those things. Opportunities open to us, we begin to meet people who are in alignment with our goals, and wanted things begin to FLOW to us. This is the ideal state of mind.

Can we achieve without being in a state of flow? Absolutely, but it is so much more difficult. When we are not in a state of flow we are going AGAINST the natural rhythm, and it is just like paddling upstream against the flow of the current as opposed to turning and going with it; allowing it to guide you.

Often times, we are so fixated on where we are going that we lose sight of being happy NOW. Most of us say that we will be happy when our business reaches a certain level, or when we meet our soul mate, or when we attain a certain amount in our bank account. Understand that happiness is not derived from an outside source, but from within. That explains why some people can be rich almost beyond measure and miserable, yet someone in a foreign land can live in a grass hut with just the necessities of life, but display a genuine happiness.

Let’s be clear that being in a state of flow is not about being poor and happy, but rather being happy wherever you are right now, with an eagerness and vision for the future. So how do you enter into a state of flow? By following these 3 easy steps:

How To Create a State of Flow

  • Create a vision for your future (What do you want for your life? Don’t worry about how)
    Include: Mind/Body/Health, Finances/Money, Relationships, Business, Lifestyle
  • Acknowledge and make peace with where you are now (Where you are is where you are)
  • Look for any reasons to feel happy (i.e. a smiling baby, cute pets, a sunset, good food, friends, a funny movie, a long walk, glass of wine, etc.) and make it a habit!

Many entrepreneurs jump head first into various marketing strategies when they want to grow their business, but the most powerful way to grow your business is discovering where the state of flow is. We all need to know the latest marketing strategies and techniques; however, being in a state of flow will put you in a place of allowance that will ultimately transform you into a literal magnet of everything you are seeking, not just in your business, but your life.

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