Personal Development and Network Marketing seem to go hand in hand. Every personality or character flaw that you may have denied or been unaware of will soar to the surface, and stare you square in the face during your journey in Network Marketing.

Because this is a relationship driven industry, it is critical that your relationship with you is solid in order to connect with other people in a meaningful way.

Many of us would agree that personal development is essential for success in business and life. Although we advocate the importance of personal development in the Network Marketing industry, we are often just consumers of books, programs, workshops, counseling and coaching.

Despite our positive affirmations, good intentions, and hard work most people become nothing more than “personal development junkies” with vast libraries of THE best authors, coaches speakers and mentors.

No matter how many books we may read, or how many seminars we attend, we only seem to transform emotionally in the moment. Once the “feel good” moment has passed we revert back to our old patterns of thinking and behavior.

Why is that? Despite having every intention to turn our lives, finances, businesses, and relationships around we seem to take two steps back after taking one step forward.

You are not alone in this seemingly vicious cycle. The human mind is divided into two spheres; the subconscious and the conscious. Our beliefs are stored in the subconscious, and our deliberate decision making operates from the conscious sphere.

Therefore, if our beliefs do not coincide with our decisions then we are often like the hamster on the wheel; running and running, but not going anywhere.

Our beliefs are very similar to an installed computer program that the mind constantly runs in the background going totally unnoticed and undetected.

It is our beliefs that override our decisions, and until we change our beliefs to align with our decisions we will continue to run on the hamster wheel of life.

For example, if you have a belief that money is hard to come by, and that there is never enough to go around, your life will prove to you what you believe.

Regardless of how many declarations, promises, or resolutions you make, subconsciously you will sabotage your efforts and opportunities when it comes to earning money.

Even if you succeed in earning the amount of money you desire, you will in very short order find a way to lose it all.

The mind will prove its beliefs no matter what, so it is imperative that we change our beliefs. How do we change our beliefs? Self awareness is the beginning point of identifying what our beliefs are, but how do we become more self-aware?

Step 1:

Make a commitment to just sit with your thoughts for 15 minutes daily. Don’t judge them, just observe them, and begin to notice what you are thinking, rather than believing that you ARE your thoughts.

Once you start to be the observer of your thoughts, then your practiced pattern of thought will emerge.

Your practiced pattern of thought is nothing more than the manifestation of your beliefs. You may notice that you practice a thought pattern of never having enough, just getting by, or always struggling. You may see a pattern of not being valuable or worthy, or not feeling safe and supported.

Whatever the pattern of thought may be, you will see the manifestation in your life, your business, your relationships, and your money.

Step 2:

Replace your old false beliefs with the new desired beliefs. During your daily 15 minute “Thought Workshops” as your old beliefs pop-in, notice them without judgment and gently steer that thought to the new thought.

In other words, if a thought arises like “I will never be able to sign up enough reps into my business to make it to the top of my company’s compensation plan”, this thought may stem from a belief that you are not worthy, or that you must always struggle.

Just allow the thought, and then inject the new belief that “I attract positive people, and things are working out for me. There is nothing I cannot do, be or have.”

Most people will discount the power in this exercise because it appears to be too simple. They believe that surely it must be more complicated and difficult than that.

This very thought in itself is an indication of our false belief that we must struggle! Understand that the most powerful things are often the most simple.

Personal development is the gateway into self awareness and self actualization, but you must be willing to dig deep and do the mental work.

Everything we do, or fail to do, originates in the mind. If you side step the mental work, then get comfortable on that hamster wheel!

Network Marketing is a powerful industry for many reasons including unlimited income potential, freedom, and power, but the most powerful of all is that it introduces you to YOU!

Every top income producer in Network Marketing understands and implements the development of self.

Jennifer Asidao-Querubin
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