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[h]Genetics flashcards
[q]I tried your product/service before and it didn’t work.
[a]I’m very sorry and understand your frustration. We have several clients in your industry that use this product (or service) without any issues. Do you think it would be okay to revisit it and see how we can improve things?
[q]I don’t have the money.
[a]I know how you feel and perhaps what you’re going through. I also know you know it takes a little bit of investment to start any business. How were you imagining you’d start this business?
[q]I have to think about it.
[a]Brad, I understand you want to think about things …it’s important. I know your issue of wanting to find a way to have more time with your family is also important to you, and I’m looking forward to working together to achieve your goal. When would you like for us to get back together?

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