We are all striving for a better life in whatever way we know how, but there are 3 critical steps in attaining your best life that don’t take Rocket Science.

Humanity is evolving to a higher awareness of well-being in order to manifest a richer life experience in which we are all worthy of living. Some say that we are living in hard times economically, spiritually and physically. This presents a great opportunity for us to take real action steps toward the life that has been beckoning all of us.

No matter where you are currently, most of us would say that there is room for improvement either financially, physically or spiritually. The following 3 steps will provide a system of attainment that will assist you in uncovering your best life:

3 Steps To Your Best Life:

1. Identify and Define Future Visions In at Least 5 Areas of Your Life
Purchase a journal and divide it into at least 5 sections and label accordingly: Finances/Money, Business/Career, Friends/Family, Mindset/Health, Giving Back To The World – feel free to add other areas as you see fit.

On the right side page you will write down a vision of what you want in that particular area (ex. Mindset/Health: Identify = I want to be in complete fitness. Define = 100 situps per day)

On the left side page you will write down signs of your life right now in the present that prove to you that your goal is going to come to you easily. (ex. I was born into a healthy body, and I am capable of exercising. I can currently do 10 situps) – Feel free to come back and add to this list until you reach your goal of 100 situps.

This is in alignment with the concept of acknowledging where you are and making peace with it while having a vision of the future. This is the state of flow, or the art of allowing at its best, which is the ideal state of mind.

2. Gratitude

Ponder and write down 5 things in your personal life that you are grateful for in last 24 hours.

Ponder and write down 5 things in your business/professional life that you are grateful for in the last 24 hours.

Showing gratitude also puts you in a state of mind of allowance, and this is the basis for manifestation.

3. Recognize What Rules (False Beliefs) Are Governing Your Life Pattern And Shed Them

(ex. “You have to suffer for success”, “Money is evil”, “You have to have money in order to make money”, etc.)

We all have false beliefs that rule our decisions on an unconscious level, which is why we fail to do what we know intellectually is good for us. We often live our lives in a pattern, but most of us don’t recognize the pattern. The moment you begin to notice your pattern is the moment of clarity that brings forth further awakening and your evolution.

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