What are affirmations anyway and how can you use them to achieve your goals? According to Merriam-Webster an affirmation is the act of affirming, something affirmed, a positive assertion. Plainly put, an affirmation is a statement that affirms a positive and desired outcome on any subject. For example, “All that I desire which is aligned with the Spirit is on its way.” Sounds good, right? But it doesn’t end there.

There are many people who use affirmations, but they never really reap the benefit in their lives, and so they conclude that affirmations don’t work. Well, affirmations work if you know how to work them.

Most of us believe that if we just speak an affirmation over and over that it will somehow magically change the situation into a more desired outcome. That is not the effective way to use affirmations.

As we speak an affirmation it is nothing more than a statement, which then becomes a thought if we ponder it (Operative word being IF). Once it becomes a thought, and we align ourselves with the emotion of that thought then we are “cooking with gas”! What do I mean by aligning with the emotion of a thought? Well, let’s look at the example affirmation below:

“All that I desire which is aligned with Spirit is on its way.”

Now take this thought to heart, and imagine everything you desire like attracting ideal clients, customers and business partners, earning a six figure income, having time freedom, healthy relationships, excellent health, happiness, peace, joy and all the things that you want coming to you right now. Imagine how that feels!

Experience the feelings of how it feels to have everything coming to you that you want. This is THE step that most people miss when it comes to using affirmations to achieve goals. You MUST connect the emotion to the thought in order to see results. A thought without emotion is like a car without gas – going nowhere fast!

Once you connect with the emotion of the thought, it’s time to speak the affirmations throughout your day. You decide how many times and at what times. This is a minor detail that is different for everyone. Some people repeat affirmations 100 times a day without connecting the emotion, and will never see a positive outcome.

So the key is the emotion, not the number of times you repeat them. It is a good practice to repeat your selected affirmation immediately following a negative thought or emotion on a given subject.

In the book “Excuses Be Gone”, Dr. Wayne Dyer gives a great list of common excuses that people use for not achieving their goals and he accompanies the excuse with an affirmation.

For example:

Excuse: “I can’t afford it”
Affirmation: “I’m connected to an unlimited Source of abundance”

We must become more self-aware before we can begin to use affirmations successfully. If you are not aware of your thoughts, there is little chance of you catching the negative thought in order to affirm its counterpart. Self development is a process that we must commit to in order to develop the self, and there are no short cuts!

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