How many times have you decided to give goal setting another shot and made a New Year’s resolution, only to quit AGAIN weeks into your endeavor? If you have you are not alone, in fact you belong to the 99%.

Why do you suppose that is when we all know intellectually that we want to be successful and accomplish our goals? Perhaps calling it a New Year’s resolution is inaccurate, because according to Merriam-Webster a resolution is: The act or process of resolving; solving.

I’m sure you can think of at least one time in your life when you resolved to do something, and there was a feeling in the pit of your stomach that felt like NOTHING was going to keep you from this thing. You had absolute knowing within yourself that you would accomplish it, and so you did.

You probably didn’t talk a whole lot about it, and you may have just kept it to yourself, and just made it happen. That is resolve. That is what a resolution feels like as well as setting and reaching goals.

Setting goals effectively consists of Four elements:

1. Have a vision

What do you want to create? This is a far cry from “I want to lose weight, or make some extra money”. Dig deep and discover what you really want to create in your life.

2. Make your vision compelling

The thought of your vision should pull you to it with eagerness and excitement. It should wake you up in the middle of the night, and have you up early in the morning pondering it all day.

3. Have strong reasons.

You will encounter setbacks and if your reasons are strong, then you will follow through during the tough times. You will press through to the other side to get to your vision.

4. Review it and feel it everyday. Imagine It!

When you feel forward and imagine how it will feel once your vision is manifested, then you are connecting to the energy of your vision. This process helps bring your vision to fruition faster. Get in the habit of imagining your vision just as you want it to be. What does it look like, feel like?

Having a vision for our lives is paramount and contributes to our total well-being. As humans, we thrive in progress and contribution. We feel good about ourselves when we progress; and when we contribute to a cause it builds confidence.

Successfully setting and achieving goals also comes from raising our standards. Too many of us actually lower our standards because of the people with whom we surround ourselves. Raising standards and backing those standards up with rituals result in lasting change in our lives.

Many people believe that it takes will power to achieve a goal, but will power does not last. However, rituals do. It takes about 30 days before a consistent activity, if done every day becomes a habit. Give yourself 30 days of doing a ritual that will contribute to achieving one of your goals.

For example, if your goal is to get healthy set aside a certain amount of time in the morning for a walk in nature, a healthy breakfast and meditation. Whatever you decide works best for you, commit to yourself to do it everyday for 30 days.

I guarantee at the end of the 30 days, your ritual will have become a habit that you will more than likely continue. I assure you this path will get you to a healthy body, mind and spirit!

Jennifer Asidao-Querubin
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