If struggling is optional, then why do so many of us choose chasing what someone else has told us we should want, over allowing what we KNOW we want? We really can have the life we desire, and it’s within reach. No chasing required!

As small children we all knew instinctively what we wanted to do with our lives. Some of us may have even articulated it to some “all-knowing” life-experienced adult, who unintentionally perhaps quickly informed us that there was “something else” that we should probably do instead.

Like teachers will always be in demand, or doctors and lawyers make good money. How about make the family proud and join the military? Sound familiar?

Often times our innate ability to go with our own flow, becomes stunted at an early age. We lose our natural internal GPS due to the noise of well-meaning adults in our lives. So rather than allowing our inner guide to lead us we begin the chase, and most of us are still running but can’t seem to get to where we want to be.

Because we have been in chase mode for so long, most of us since elementary school; we are finding it difficult to even hear our own dreams calling us in order to allow them in. It is much easier to allow than to chase. Imagine trying to catch a fish by jumping in the water and attempting to chase him.

Just when you think you got him he slips through your hands just like water. However, much less effort and more ease is required when you sit and allow the fish to come to you.

Our natural state of being is ease, not struggle. Therefore, we must unlearn all that we know and remember who we really are. Chasing other people’s dreams, definitions and conclusions about life have worn us down. We have been choosing careers based solely upon the amount of money we could earn, and not choosing our desired lifestyle that WE want to live.

In other words, decide what type of life you desire, ask the right questions of yourself and imagine the details.

Step 1: Choose YOUR Desired Dream Life

Write down the questions and answers to ask yourself similar to: Where in the world would I live? What would my home look like? How would I spend my days from start to finish? What types of food would I eat, and who is in my circle of influence? Who are my ideal clients, and what type of work environment do I want? How many vacations do I take per year, and where do I vacation? What is my family like? Etc. Be certain to cover every area of your life.

Step 2: Choose What You Want To Do In Your Life

Now chances are you will have absolutely no way of knowing HOW to bring this desired lifestyle into being, but the good news is you don’t have to know. The mere fact that you decided and asked yourself the right questions is a powerful step in itself to get the allowing ball rolling!

Giving our minds a problem to solve kicks it into action and will deliver the solution to us. Therefore, after you ask the questions be on the lookout for the answers that will usually come through inspiration, impulse, insight and even dreams. This is not some airy-fairy philosophy or theory, but scientific truth. The mind is a problem-solving mechanism. Understand, however, that inspiration only comes once the mind is given a problem to solve. If we never ask, then the answer never comes. So do the asking and you will see an unfolding like never before.

Step 3: Take Inspired Action Immediately

Napoleon Hill spoke about The Speed of Implementation in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”, and that simply means to act immediately upon your intuition. Period.

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