5 Tips to Give Effective Presentations to Grow Your Business.

It's a well known fact that majority of people have a fear of public speaking. This fear includes giving presentations for their network marketing business. When we say presentations for network marketing it can mean several things. Meeting with a prospect at a coffee shop. Presenting at a home party. Speaking at a hotel event. Guest speaking [...]

Tired of Bugging Your Friends and Family to Join Your Business?

Ah yes, the "3 Foot Rule". We've all been there and we've all done it. Pitching our business opportunity to anyone with a pulse. Even before taking the time to build relationships and find out if they even have a need for what we're pitching. For those with outgoing personalities, and those that just force themselves [...]

16 Compelling Reasons You Need a Blog for your Network Marketing Business

Don't use the internet to build your Network Marketing business! It doesn't work, it's not duplicatable and you're just wasting your time! Have you heard that one before? When Jenn and I first got involved in the Network Marketing industry, we used to jump around from company to company thinking "this will be the one". [...]

Secrets to Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting in Network Marketing

Does Fear Weigh More than Your Dreams? Heck no, right?! Funny thing is, we all start off similarly in our network marketing journey. We get excited, we love the product/service, the thought of becoming debt free, living a financially free life, having a fabulous lifestyle, meeting new people, personally growing, and supplementing our current income. It all [...]

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