Ah yes, prospecting. The dreaded word that instills such fear in beginners, and some veterans for that matter, that they would rather go up against an entire Roman army, single handedly, than talk to their next door neighbor about their opportunity.

Prospecting doesn’t have to be this horror inducing process if you do it the right way. In fact, after learning and applying these seven tips, you might even begin to enjoy the process. So let’s get started.

1. A Master Prospector always applies what she or he knows and puts it into action.

You will never know if you’ve really learned something, unless you’ve applied it. Learning is not about acquiring as much information as possible.

It’s about taking that information and putting it into action so that you can see and experience massive results. That’s the true essence of learning!

If you think back on your experiences as a student, whether in grade school, middle or high school, you’ll recall all the test that you were forced to take by your teachers.

Although you may have considered test taking to be torture, I know I did, it was actually an accountability assessment to determine if you’ve retained and comprehended the information enough to be able to apply it.

This is no different in network marketing. Your upline is considered your “teacher”, and they give you different types of tests to help you put your knowledge into action.

It’s great and all to be on the calls and attend all the webinars and meetings, but these aren’t for “inspiration and motivation” alone. They’re designed to equip you to go out into the field and put your knowledge to work in a real life setting.

Don’t worry about always doing the right things. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and we all make them.

All you have to do is be concerned about learning from the things that you have done, and be intentional about improving along the way.

Remember: there is no failure, only feedback.

2. A Master Prospector knows how to build valuable and lasting relationships.

This is key and we encourage you to really get this ingrained in every cell of your being. Every relationship is built on trust. If you want to start valuable and lasting relationships with your prospects, it’s crucial to get them to trust you first. Let them know that you can be a provider of solutions to their pains and needs.

Gain their confidence by listening and feeling for their needs. Teach them the basics of the inudes try, and provide them all the support that you can give.

Always keep in mind that network marketing is about building a relationship of trust. The more people that you’ve established quality relationships with, the more people will be willing to be your partners and do great things for you in return.

3. A Master Prospector knows how to become a student.

Every master was once a student. Before you become a master prospector, you have to be a student first. Learn from your up-line—your “masters” in the industry.

Study their techniques and strategies; work near them and let them guide you; allow them to criticize you and recommend a better approach. Get educated and take action on what you have learned.

4. A Master Prospector knows the importance of Time Leverage.

Time is of the essence. Use it wisely and get productive as much as you can. Look for many possible ways to leverage your time. Create an organized schedule and follow it strictly. Duplicate your time by building a strong and solid network.

5. A Master Prospector recognizes the power of technology and uses it to his advantage.

Let’s face it, technology dominates!! So if you want to penetrate a wider market and reach as many prospects as you can, start taking advantage of technology.

Start sending invites and e-mail blasts; join social networking sites; place online ads; participate in group discussions and forums; learn Internet marketing.

The opportunities the Internet offers is virtually unlimited. All you have to do is get the most out of it.

Not only will this method allow you to attract an immense market base, it can also help you build businesses around the world.

6. A Master Prospector knows how to convey a message—the right way.

The best way to convey a message to your prospects is to deliver it clearly and accurately. Give emphasis to the parts that need to be highlighted, and avoid giving t.m.i. (too much information) that is bound to overwhelm them.

Don’t rush—there’s no need to hurry. If you’re looking to recruit your prospects into long-time partners, you have to tell them everything they need to know. So allow them to ask their questions, listen intently and answer them adequately.

Feed them with sufficient information that will influence them to join you in your endeavor. Just avoid overwhelming them with unnecessary details. Doing so can confuse and bore your prospects.

7. A Master Prospector handles rejection well.

When you join a network marketing business and start prospecting, you’ll face a lot of rejection—most of it coming from your closest circle, family and friends.

There are four major enemies to prospecting: Rejection, Deception, Apathy, and Attrition and in the network marketing industry, it is very common to experience this:

“You introduced the company to 1000 people. Out of which, 700 said no and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 90 did anything at all. Out of those 90 only 40 were serious, and out of those 40, only 10 will be with you all the way.”

Seems disappointing, right? However, it’s actually to your benefit to have such statistics. This allows you to weed out the go-getters from the tire kickers, and when you’re dealing with “focused” people, success comes at a much more rapid pace.

I’ve always learned that success is sweeter when it doesn’t come easy. And in this industry, the greater the pain you have experienced, the greater the pleasure you will soon enjoy, if you can press through it all with your vision at the forefront. Remember, the value of something is relative to the difficulty of obtaining it.

Rejection happens to even the most skilled network marketers. Don’t take it personally. Instead, use it as your motivation and allow it to shape you into becoming a master prospector.

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