Imagine this. There is a person at the base of a mountain looking up at the peak. Let’s call this person Casey.

Casey longs to get to the top. The mountain has many characteristics to it – easy to trek in some areas while treacherous in others. He has decided to go even though he has not done it before.

Why would Casey ever believe that it was possible to reach the top of the mountain? Because other folks before Casey, have already achieved it.

It must be possible then, right? Casey takes his first steps to ascend the mountain with excitement and confidence, until…

The weather begins to change.

Casey suddenly realizes that he’s wearing the wrong shoes and needs more equipment. And doubt makes its appearance.

He realizes it will take him longer than expected to get to the top. Casey begins to wonder if he made the right choice.

We have all been through something similar to Casey’s journey, haven’t we?

“Why does freedom pull so tightly at our hearts? It is because freedom is tightly bound to the human desire for ascension – our natural drive to rise from our circumstances and actualize our goals, our potential, our highest self.” – Brendon Bruchard

We all have versions of what the mountain top looks like in our mind’s eye. Not to mention the terrain we think we will walk upon to get there.

We may find it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be.

Have you ever in the most private moments with yourself, sensed doubt creep into your mind and heart? You begin to question if you could actually do this? Whatever this may be.

Whether it’s embarking on a new project, making a major change in life or developing a thriving Network Marketing organization, we all have doubts.

“All greatness teeters on whether a hero overcomes the terror within and advances regardless.” – Brendon Bruchard (can you tell I’m a fan?)

I remember attending a large Network Marketing event. There was a female leader on stage, giving us all of these valuable nuggets of wisdom on how to build a robust business.

And then she lays down the hard honest truth. Ninety percent of you who hear these how to’s will, in reality, not implement what you learned.

Non-implementation means lack of activity. And where there is lack of activity, there is stagnation. When your Network Marketing business becomes stagnant, there is death in your business.

So how do you keep moving and flowing in your business? It’s rooted in confidence.

The following are steps for you to get unstoppable confidence in your Network Marketing business.

These will keep that ember of confidence burning within you despite all the odds.

Step #1: Decide from the Very Beginning to Change.

Decide that you will change in the ways you need to change (for the better) in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

One of the greatest internal breakthroughs we had on our journey to success was during a seminar we attended.

Mike and I learned the difference between how the successful think, verses how the masses think. There is a big difference.

The successful think more long term, while the general masses have more of an “instant gratification or lottery” mindset.

The successful place more value on time rather than on material things. The masses tend to try to prove themselves by showing off material things.

Think about it. This explains the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. It’s a habit that keeps many people broke.

The successful tend to be very decisive as a reflection of their mindset, while the general masses allow fear and comfort to dictate their decisions in life.

This shows itself in negative thought habits, making excuses, and procrastination.

Hearing these contrasts created a shift in my thinking. It was like a breath of fresh air entering a room in my mind, still filled with staleness and cobwebs of yesterday’s experiences.

It was an “aha” moment. And I felt as if I was freed in some way. Why was that so? Because I finally understood the ways in which I needed to change internally, in order to get to the “end in mind”.

And that “end in mind” meant a different Jennifer on the other side. I wanted to see that different Jennifer because frankly, the old Jennifer didn’t have much confidence and wasn’t very happy in life.

This does not mean we lose our current identities. We are still who we are, just more evolved.

Once you embrace that change is a part of the journey, there is no stopping you.

Don’t worry, your friends and family will still recognize you. You’ll just seem… a little… different… They’ll ask if you lost weight. Or, maybe it’s your hairstyle that changed?

Inside you will be the one smiling because you know it was your mindset and worldview that changed. That’s the secret sauce.

You may be saying, “All well and good, Jenn. Just exactly how do I change then?” Well glad you asked!

Now, I had just described to you how my eyes were opened. It was a relief to come to the understanding that the way I was thinking was the root cause of so many results in my life. In the realm of relationships, finances and in business.

Here’s a famous quote I’d like to share with you at this point. It’s a bit of a riddle. And it goes like this.

“You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why you don’t have. Because if you knew, you would have…”

In order for us to understand that we needed to change, we had to understand exactly what that change was.

It’s almost like a caterpillar saying, ok I need to change, but having no idea the butterfly was the end result.

In other words, we had to figure out the ways in which the top income earners were different from us, because obviously they were there and we were where we were at.

This brings us to our next step to becoming unstoppable and that is…

Step #2: Study Network Marketing Leaders.

Understand their mindsets, thinking habits, daily activities and incorporate their habits into your daily life.

When you do this, you will understand what it is exactly that “you don’t know”.

Here’s a clue on how high performance people carry out their day.

Multiple six and seven figure earners normally read daily. They also practice affirmations and visualizations of what they want to accomplish daily.

They usually, not always, but usually stay in good physical shape so exercise is a common daily habit.

Why? Because when the body feels good, the mind becomes clearer and one’s emotions tend to uplift as well. This brings more positive feelings to fill the day.

You know what else is interesting to note? It boiled down to a simple, clear, concise decision that Network Marketing was going to work for them.

They just decided, “I am going to be very successful” and proceeded from there. Remember how wealthy people think decisively?

Multiple six and seven figure earners back up their mindsets with solid income producing activities.

These include prospecting daily, presenting daily and following up daily and signing up new people regularly.

So, for those of you on your own path to creating the lives you want, remember this step.

Step #3: Do the Income Producing Activities in Your Business Consistently.

Consistency yields results and results build confidence. When you decide to show up to making your dreams come true through this vehicle Network Marketing, your confidence builds and builds.

A confidence killer is lying to yourself. So when you say you’re going to work on your business, do it, even if you’re scared to call someone.

Understanding that prospecting and getting as many eye balls to look at your opportunity/product/service is a major key to your success.

Make Sure to Take Action.

Although it is true that leaders are readers, this could be misunderstood to mean all leaders do is read. Not so.

Beware of becoming the perpetual student who never implements the activities to actually grow your business.

With that understood, do read, do visualize, and do create your dream board.

Step #4: Consistently Work on your Personal Development.

Every one has the potential and ability to make it to the top. Belief in oneself and in the profession itself does take time.

When we got to know the stories of multiple top income earners (some we know personally), their circumstances from where they started to where they eventually ended up, it was clear ascending that mountain top is real.

Like any journey, one needs a map and preferably a guide to avoid the potential pitfalls along the way.

We are very honored that by writing this blog post and you reading it, we have traveled together even for a little bit. It is definitely a worthwhile adventure!

In closing.

The definition of confidence is: “the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.”

You will come to the point where success in Network Marketing will feel very certain despite any external circumstances. Seasoned professionals call this becoming “bullet proof”.

People have many perceptions about the “truth” about MLM. It depends on who you talk to. Understand it comes down to a choice on your part.

Will you choose to accept a negative perception as truth from a person who has never done an entrepreneurial thing in his or her life? Or will you choose to accept a positive perception as truth from a person who has developed a network marketing business (or has been in business before), has been there, done that and can tell you what it actually takes. =)

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