How to Brand Yourself to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Market.

Do first impressions really matter for your Network Marketing business? You bet it does! Especially today when there's more distributors (offline and online) then ever before, and thousands more joining everyday. That's why it's so vital you learn how to brand yourself so you can get noticed and stand out. Think about when you meet [...]

Tired of Bugging Your Friends and Family to Join Your Business?

Ah yes, the "3 Foot Rule". We've all been there and we've all done it. Pitching our business opportunity to anyone with a pulse. Even before taking the time to build relationships and find out if they even have a need for what we're pitching. For those with outgoing personalities, and those that just force themselves [...]

Attraction Marketing vs. Old School MLM: Be a Farmer Instead.

Attraction Marketing and how can I use it for my MLM business. In society, both farmers and hunters are necessary. Farmers grow things, they cultivate, they bring things to life and then they allow others to benefit from their hard work. Hunters, on the other hand, go out and chase after things until they can catch them and bring [...]

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