Do you know the common denominator of Subway, Burger King, and McDonald’s? They are some of the leading franchises all over the world.

Every year, these fast-food chains acquire more and more outlets to provide excellent service to their respective consumers.

All of them use franchising to penetrate a much larger and broader market. It is a business system wherein a head outlet sells its business concept and system to qualified business operators for an upfront franchise fee and monthly royalties.

A well-known franchise can sell their concept for a range of $30k to over $1 Million Dollars or more per store. A small-scale franchise, on the other hand, may cost from $3k to $150k+ per franchise.

So how does franchising relate to network marketing?

As a matter of fact, network marketing is very similar to franchising. Since an MLM business also operates as a traditional franchise. The only difference is that it is very easy to set up and on a micro-level capacity.

You can put up your own outlet without worrying about staggering overhead and operating expenses.

You get to enjoy the same income benefits a traditional counterpart offers with just a minimum amount of investment.

Network marketing has taken the concept of franchising by providing a ready-made, proven, and low-risk business opportunity to independent business owners.

Through this business model, you’re not just enjoying proceeds from the sale of your products and services.

You also get to earn income from the sales generated by the people you enroll into your organization.

It is through you and your network’s efforts that enable the business to produce generous amount of profits. That’s why the concept is called “The People’s Franchise.”

The sales and distribution methods are based on a lot of people—doing a little bit each.

You, as a network marketer, leverage your time and energy by recruiting people to join the industry in exchange of the commissions you earn from the sales they’ve made.

This explains why so many average people achieve a not-so-average success in the network marketing industry.

Like a typical franchise, you can also develop your network of walking stores globally. You and your network can create a “one world, one market” vision that aims to influence every opportunity seeker in every part of the world.

But unlike a traditional franchise, a network marketing business can be done in a mobile or home-based location. By becoming your own boss, you get to experience more time freedom and financial independence.

With a minimum input that you’ve invested, you can achieve maximum results.

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