You can talk to dozens and hundreds of prospective recruits – which is GREAT. But if you don’t have a solid follow up system, it does you no good whatsoever.

Some people have this idea that “If someone wants to join my team they will call me”. If you think like that, your business may grow, but it won’t thrive.

You have to know who you’ve talked to, when you talked to them, what they said, and when you plan to follow up with them.

There are basically two different types of follow up systems: manual or electronic. The choice is up to you. Here a few quick suggestions for each.


1. Card system

Use a simple index card system with an index box and dividers with the months and 1-31. Have a 2nd card system that is A-Z. When you talk to someone, fill out a card that has their name, address, phone number and email address.

Put when you talked to them, what was said, and any other pertinent info (husband name, obstacles, etc). Put the date you plan to follow up. Put their name on the 1-31 card and place it in the appropriate month.

File the card back alphabetically. This is in case they call you – you can grab the card without trying to find the date. When a date comes up, pull all the names that are on that date and call them.

2. Binder System

You can use a similar system in binders instead of in card files.


1. ACT

ACT is a very robust CRM system that will help you to track your leads, including birthdates, husbands, kids, follow up dates and more. All notes are in the system and you receive a reminder when you need to follow up.

2. is an online platform that can be used in much the same way as ACT.

3. Outlook

While not quite as robust, outlook can be used as a follow up system and can load basic contact information as well.

Whatever you use, the most important thing is that you pick a system and use it consistently. If you tell a prospect you are going to call them, you had better call them.

If not, you have lost all credibility. You may find they still go with the company…just with a different representative.

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