Magnetic Sponsoring is a pretty common term in the world of MLM. Most people have heard of it. As a network marketing system that was developed by Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring has gotten a lot of press over the years since its introduction to marketers everywhere. Let’s take a look at what this program is about, what it does and why it’s different.

Magnetic Sponsoring is a solution to a problem. The problem of recruiting. That’s probably the best thing I can tell you about it. The system shows you how to create the type of life you desire through multi-level marketing by finding and recruiting great people into your business.

Magnetic Sponsoring teaches you to develop your reputation as a trusted expert in your field. This means that instead of having to chase people for the sake of telling them about your opportunity and risking irritating and alienating them, you become attractive to them as a business associate. People come to you. This solves the common problem of prospecting. You become a farmer instead of a hunter.

Think about this for a moment. One of the biggest pains for most network marketers is chasing down prospects. And cold-calling? Forget about it! The number of people on the whole planet who actually enjoy cold-calling is… well, almost non-existent! Most of us can’t stand it. So why do it?!

The basic premise of Magnetic Sponsoring is this:

  • You learn about attraction marketing, including how to effectively create an online presence that leads prospects and customers to you – you don’t have to do any chasing.
  • You learn about the funded proposal system. Funded proposals let you earn money from the beginning. This helps you sustain growth in your business from the first moment and helps you keep the momentum going during critical growing stages.
  • You learn how to use all the tools (there are a lot of them!) the Internet offers for creating your business and building your system.
  • You learn how to continue to grow your downline and business with advanced techniques.

All these things are important. But my favorites to talk about are attraction marketing and funded proposals.

Attraction marketing is such a great concept, and it works. This is not some sort of mumbo-jumbo either, it’s a specific system that can be learned and put into action for getting people to notice you and your products and opportunity. Once you have that set up people will be asking you if they can join your business!

It’s so much better doing business this way because the people who come to you are primed and ready to get started!

The other thing that I really love is the idea of funded proposals. A funded proposal is this: You offer a great quality, but fairly inexpensive product to your target market. When a customer buys this product, a couple good things happen.

First you’ve gained a pre-qualified prospect – they’ve shown a genuine interest in what you’re offering and will likely also be interested in your products and opportunity.

Second, you’ve made a bit of money to help pay for advertising and continuing to grow your business. For these reasons, funded proposals are very, very effective!

Add in some killer knowledge about how to use the Internet and all it’s tools to your advantage, and how to keep growing your business, and you’ve got a winner of a system. That’s why Magnetic Sponsoring is different! And that’s why you should apply it to your business!