Why Work with Jennifer?

I have a deep passion for showing people all they truly desire in life and in business, no matter how big or ridiculous it may seem, is within their grasp. I guide my clients on a journey to discover their innate ability to create the results they truly want in life.

Most people go after what they want by learning the “How To’s”. Gathering knowledge on how to do something is important, but I take it a step further by helping individuals unlock their potential, by using the principles taught in Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results Program.

My clients (whether individuals or teams of people) begin to execute what they already know on a much higher level of productivity. This usually results in an increase in income, increase in profits for a business, discovery of one’s definite purpose in life, increase in health, better relationships with self and others, and so much more.

As mentioned by my mentor Bob Proctor, the majority of people around the world ultimately want three things in life:

  1. to wake up enthusiastic about the work that they do
  2. to be free from all financial worries
  3. to be surrounded by people they love to be around

It seems simple doesn’t it? Then why do the majority of people tolerate their lives rather than TRULY LIVE in their highest and truest potential? Limiting beliefs, or negative paradigms, surrounding mediocrity and lack, are prevalent in today’s world.

We can hear it coming from those closest to us. It has been passed down from generation to generation to generation. It is a cycle not many of us are aware we are a part of. The key to stepping out of this cycle lies within all of us.

The clients I work with, pay attention to that voice deep down inside, saying, “There must be so much more to life than this.” Well, I will tell you, there IS SO MUCH MORE and I work with those who listen to this inner voice, and most importantly, have made the decision that it is time for a change.

It all starts with the mind.

Individual Coaching

The Benefits of Coaching

I will teach you how to take control of your life in every area! Whether it’s improving your income, getting a promotion, starting a new business or discovering your purpose. This program will give you the tools to make permanent changes at the deepest level. The Thinking into Results program is a 24-week coaching program with regular scheduled interaction with me and like-minded people all around the world. You will build a basis of accountability that will help you to close the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.

We have an amazing team that provides structure and support, this will encourage you to think bigger and have more confidence overall. Over the 24-weeks, you will be studying YOU. This will teach you how to become more effective, more productive and increase your awareness allowing you to discover what truly makes you feel complete. You will learn the formula to creating the results you want in any area. This is a proven formula that the most successful people operate with.

Working with me, you will be taking control of your life, your happiness and your results!

Corporate Coaching

Investing in the companies most valuable assets.

Every business has one thing in common… employees and team members are the biggest assets you have. All companies want to grow and in order for the company to grow, the employees must grow. It’s imperative to continuously invest in your team helping them become more effective, more productive allowing them to become the best at what they do. Bringing out the best in your people will allow you to improve your results exponentially.

Most of your employees already know what to do. They have the education required, the training required, everything going for them, but they still don’t DO what they know how to do. This can be very frustrating for owners and very expensive. It’s not about teaching your employees to “know more”, it about getting them to do as they know. By asking the right questions you will be able to change the way your team thinks and operates overall.

Everyone has leadership ability locked up within. The people that develop their leadership ability become the most valuable to a company, and as a result, they are able to dictate their own income and place in society. Jennifer has worked with multiple companies and all of their employees teaching them Bob Proctor’s material and helping them bring the very best of them selves to the surface.

No more excuses, reasons or alibis as to why something can’t get done, instead teaching them how to use the power of their minds to create out of the box thinking and turn any obstacle into opportunity. They will learn to work as a team that is in harmony with each other.

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