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Jenn and Mike Querubin here and we’re very excited that you stopped by for a visit!

If you’re new to Network Marketing or home based business, or have been in business for a while now but want to get online, you’ve come to the right place!

We know how challenging it can be when starting something new. And there’s always so much to learn isn’t there? So much that it can get really overwhelming and frustrating.

Well, our goal is to help you with that. This page (and website actually) is designed to give you some of our very best resources to get you started.

It’s also here to help organize and guide your learning to make it as efficient as possible.

We are big believers in being professionals when it comes to building our business. Meaning, we treat our business like a business and we hope you feel the same way.

We don’t believe in any kind of get rich quick or push button, overnight, magic formulas to achieve success. If that’s what you’re looking for, our site is probably not for you.

If you understand that effort, hard work and consistent daily action is the formula to achieving success, now we’re speaking the same language.

With that said, we follow the Learn, Do and Teach methodology. This is done by regularly investing in ourselves (LEARN).

The amount of money or success you achieve, will be determined by the amount of value you can provide to your audience. This is known as your Personal Value Level (PLV).

Whether it’s reading, listening to audio books, taking online courses, attending seminars, working with mentors, joining mastermind groups, etc., the learning never stops.

This is not to say that learning is all you’ll ever do. They say knowledge is power. This is true, but only when you actually do something with this knowledge.

You can’t provide value to your audience if you keep all this knowledge to yourself.

Once you learn something new, it’s crucial that you apply it to your business by taking consistent action (DO).

This consistent action is what will lead to results and eventually, to your success.

Finally, take this knowledge and the results achieved through consistent action, and share it with your audience (TEACH).

We find this to be a very effective way to build our business and to provide value to our audience, which is you.

Then the process continues with YOU applying the same methodology to grow your own business and team.

Make sense? Great, let’s move on…

Just some pics of us doing our thing. : )

Glossary of Terms.

Throughout our site, we’ll be using terms that might be new to you. Our site is designed so when these terms appear, they will have a dotted underline. When you mouse over the term, a tooltip will popup and give you the definition.

Here’s some examples: Downline, Landing Page, Cost Per Lead (CPL). This will help so you won’t have to keep jumping around to different sites to find the meanings. Cool right?

You can also just visit our Glossary page if you want an overview of all the common terms used in our industry.

Free Resource Library.

Our library is chock full of resources to help build your business.

  • If you’re having challenges with prospecting, download our 8 Phases of Recruiting script book.
  • Thinking about building your business using the internet but have no idea where to start? Take our Introduction to Attraction Marketing Online course.
  • Are you finding it difficult to set goals? Sign up for our 12-day Goal Setting e-course.
  • Do you want to stand out from your competition? Download our 88-page Brand Identity Guidebook.

There’s much more so act now and sign up! And the best part is, your resource library is FREE to access!

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Elite Marketing Pro - Social Media Recruiting Frenzy.

Recommended Course.

On occasion we will be recommending courses we’ve used and feel provide the most impact and results. The Social Media Recruiter course is one of them.

If you’ve been wanting to add the internet as part of your business building strategy, this course is a great way to get your feet wet in the online world.

Most people using social media are doing it wrong. They spam their company links and products all over their social news feeds. Not only does this annoy people, you risk tarnishing your reputation and personal brand.

Don’t let this happen to you. This course will teach you the CORRECT way to prospect and will have them knocking at your door asking for more information!

If you’re involved in any kind of network marketing or direct sales, and can set aside just one hour per day to doing a few simple tasks, this course will show you how to:

  • Build Curiosity instead of spamming your product.
  • Start A Recruiting EXPLOSION.
  • Build A Large Team.
  • Create A Wildly Successful Network Marketing Business From Scratch.

And the beauty of it is, you don’t need a list. You don’t need an advertising budget. In fact, you don’t even need a website or blog to implement these strategies.

Click the button more information and to watch free video!


A Word about Affiliates

Some of our articles contain affiliate links to products or services. If you click through and purchase, we will receive a small commission on the sale with no extra cost to you.

These commissions help to cover the operating costs of running this website and allows us to provide continuous value to you through content creation.

Our promise is to only recommend products or services that we personally use or believe will be helpful to grow and move you forward in your business. Fair enough?

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Thank you again for stopping by. We hope you come back for another visit. If you have any questions at all, or want to give us feedback on how we can improve our blog, don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t worry, we won’t bite. : )

We’re excited and honored to be a part of your journey to success and we celebrate your breakthroughs and transformation!

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