Often times we ask ourselves questions in an effort to get ourselves on the right track, but most of us are asking ourselves the wrong questions. Learn what questions are the most conducive to manifesting everything you want.

Questions are an important part of how we learn, grow, evolve and create. Nothing is created without someone asking a question first, and nothing is improved upon without a question being formulated. However, not all questions are created equal.

There are some questions that evoke answers through creativity and ingenuity. Then there are those questions that cause tremendous stress and aggravation, which leads to questioning ourselves about whether we are capable of finding the answers.

Asking the wrong questions can be the difference between being stuck in a holding pattern in our lives, or manifesting all of our desires so that we start living our dream life. We innately ask ourselves questions from the moment we learn to talk, and even before we are able to articulate words.

If you have been around small children then you probably have been “why-ed” to death! Children will ask a barrage of why questions, with each one leading to yet another why. For instance, a child may ask you what color the sky is. You reply “Blue”, and almost every time without fail the next question will be “Why is the sky blue?”

You may be savvy enough to come up with something like “Well God wants it that way” and before you can get the last word out they hit you with yet another follow-up question like “Why does God want it that way?” Now you can feel yourself starting to get a little uncomfortable and maybe irritated, because you really don’t know how to answer the question.

This is what happens internally when we ask ourselves questions that our minds cannot gather an answer. We become frustrated, and stuck. For example, most of us have felt defeated or down at some point in our lives, and have asked ourselves a question similar to “Why do things always seem to go wrong for me?” or “Why am I always broke?”

The very first word is why, and it is from this point that our minds will attempt to find an answer, so let’s analyze the question.

(Why) can’t I find the career I want?

(Why) am I always broke?

When looking at these questions with the “why” in parenthesis, the question stands out clearly. Understand that our mind will begin to pull from its stored files, EVERY past situation where you worked jobs that you hated or all the moments when you were broke in an effort to provide answers to the questions you have asked.

Additionally, your false beliefs also kick in here and give you all the reasons why things always go wrong for you or why you are always broke. Remember the ole “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve it” beliefs? I know this is deep, but not really! The most profound things are the most simple.

This line of self-questioning does not make you feel good about yourself or your outlook. Therefore, you must learn to ask yourself better questions. Ask yourself productive questions. What does a “productive” question look like? These are the top 3 elements of a productive question:

  • Clear and concise
  • Generates new possibilities
  • Always points to an outcome

With the elements of a “productive” question in your possession, the above questions would now look like:

What can I do to discover the career I want?

What can I do to generate more income?

Asking ourselves questions is an important practice, but we must remember to ask the right questions that will keep moving us forward in our evolution. Remember it is the natural order of things that we move forward.

Jennifer Asidao-Querubin
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