Most entrepreneurs and business owners go into business for themselves because they are seeking unlimited income and freedom, but in their quest for success they often fall into the very bondage that they were trying to escape when they abandoned their demanding jobs and unfulfilling careers.

Balance is a required element, and a lack of it creates burn-out which deflates the passion needed for successful entrepreneurs.

Every entrepreneur and business owner is striving for success in their chosen industry. We do whatever it takes to reach that level of what we deem success to be. We burn the midnight oil, and make many sacrifices in order to achieve.

We may sacrifice time with friends and family, time relaxing or just doing the things that we enjoy all for the promise of success later down the road.

We may no longer be a slave to the j-o-b, but now we have allowed ourselves to become slaves to a business that was meant to provide freedom and wealth.

Many of us never leave our homes for days on end stuck behind the computer with marketing strategies, sales funnels, auto-responders, webinars, and social media. How many meals have you eaten over your keyboard?

This is very often the recipe for stress, burn-out and unhappiness. Next what begins to happen is the business that you were passionate about is now causing you to resent it completely.

The thought of calling another prospect, or getting on another webinar stirs unpleasant feelings within you. Now you associate your business with unpleasantness, which will more than likely slow your momentum way down, or cause you to stop altogether.

Balance is an absolute necessity for complete happiness, and after all aren’t we doing all of this for the end goal of happiness? So for every business task on your to-do list, it would be beneficial for you to have a “bliss break” as well.

It could be something as simple as going outside for 15 minutes and listening to the wind while watching the birds fly by. This will balance out your day tremendously, and have you feeling better.

When we feel better, we live better, so if you are feeling drained, self-abused and unhappy there is little chance of you attracting the total happiness you deserve.

Understand that at the end of the day, nothing is more important than that we feel good. Why? Because the way we feel is our point of attraction.

There are four simple components that you can adjust in your life right now that will bring complete balance, and it’s easier than you think. Many of us have the false belief that we must suffer long and hard for success.

We like to commiserate over our struggles and stories of sleep deprivation, because we believe that it makes us noble. It doesn’t.

Component 1: Healthy Food

It is imperative that we eat wholesome, natural foods. Removing processed and sugary foods from your diet will increase your energy levels tremendously, and have you feeling better immediately.

Incorporate foods like green tea, organic unprocessed coconut oil, fresh fruits & green leafy vegetables, whole grains like oatmeal, and lots of water. It is ideal to shop your local farmers markets and eat organic produce. Farmer’s markets are dramatically less expensive than supermarkets, and have far superior quality food.

Make a commitment to yourself to eat 3 meals per day, instead of skipping meals only to gorge yourself on one huge meal full of empty calories. Remember, it’s not going to make any sense to earn all of this money and then have to spend it on trying to regain your health!

Component 2: Exercise

Our bodies were made to move, and when we don’t all kinds of health problems arise from poor circulation, obesity, diabetes, poor heart function and irritability just to name a few.

You don’t have to be a marathon runner, but you can put on your sneakers and walk in the park or your neighborhood. You can get in the yard and pull the weeds; you can play with your kids on the playground. Just get moving, because not only is it good for your body but it is good for your mental clarity.

Exercise also releases serotonin, which is a chemical that the body produces which gives us the feeling of well-being and happiness. Remember, we are doing all of this business and entrepreneurship stuff for the end goal of happiness!

Component 3: Meditate

In this information-age that we live in there is a tremendous amount of noise clamoring for our attention, and it leaves us feeling over-whelmed and distracted.

Meditation is a powerful way to quiet the mind, bring clarity, increase immunity, energy and overall well-being. Many people are intimidated by meditation because they associate it with Monks and those spiritual “woo-woo” airy fairy types.

Thanks to technology, today we are able to meditate like a Zen Monk at the push of a button. No effort, no technique required! Centerpointe Research Institute has patented technology that enables everyday folks to meditate effortlessly, and you can receive a free demo from the Institute in order to learn more.

Component 4: Sleep

Many entrepreneurs skip sleep on a regular basis, which is the very reason they feel tremendous stress and irritability. We are part of a culture who underestimates the value of sleep, and admire those who deny themselves this restorative life component in the quest for fortune and fame.

When we sleep, our brains are able to commit to memory the new information that we learn. Therefore, if you are not sleeping regularly you are not as able to retain a lot of information.

Sleep deprivation runs havoc on the human body in many ways including lowering immune function, which leads to sickness, and increases hypertension and irregular heart rate. Additionally, lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, inability to concentrate and so much more.

If you incorporate the previous 3 components daily, then sleep will naturally occur without fail. You may also want to include decaffeinated herbal tea after dinner to help you slumber.

Intellectually we all understand the importance of balance, and conceptually we grasp the idea that if all the weight or energy is placed on only one side of the scale that it creates imbalance.

Well the same holds true in our daily lives and especially in our business. Bringing balance brings happiness and will bring the passion and energy back to your business.

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