I don’t know about you, but I really don’t remember the last time someone around MY house clapped when I came down the stairs and said “Great job scrubbing that toilet!! I’m SO proud of you!!” Sure, it’s my job around the house, but still, it would be nice!

Yet one of the BEST things about being in network marketing IS the recognition. Yes, it may be your “job” to sell, to recruit, etc. but you can be recognized for doing it well.

And the fact of the matter is, most of us don’t get recognized in our normal day to day life. Whether it’s in our “regular job” or our home life, recognition is often overlooked.

Yet…how GOOD does it feel when someone acknowledges your efforts?!? It feels GREAT! When you’re recognized, you can’t help but to smile (even if you feel a little embarrassed).

You can’t help but to get a warm feeling in your heart. You can’t help but to feel good about yourself.

The recognition doesn’t always have to be grand. Sure, being on stage can be cool. But so can seeing your name in a newsletter. It can be cool to get a candy bar wrapped in a pretty ribbon at a team meeting.

It can even feel great to be called up in front of everyone and have them cheer you on as you get a great big hug. Here’s a few ideas for team recognition that can make an impact without breaking your bank:

  • Idea of the Month – Sometimes people don’t always have the big sales or recruiting numbers…but they still contribute some GREAT ideas to the team! Recognize them!Not only does the recognition feel good, but you’ll find MORE great ideas coming in each month. Send a nice certificate – with a box of energy saver bulbs!
  • Top Team Awards – Your company may have top awards for sales and recruiting, but your team likes to know where THEY fit in to THEIR team. It feels good to be able to say they were #3 in THEIR team for the month of July. Each month, award the Top Team Sales Rep and the Top Recruiter.List them in a monthly newsletter that goes out to the entire team. Team members LOVE seeing their name in print. If you have in person meetings, give Payday (enjoy your payday!), 100Grand (you’re worth $100 Grand!), and Starbursts (You’re a Star Recruiter) wrapped with a ribbon for being tops in the team.
  • Sales Ribbons – Team members love to show off their ribbons! You can order incentive ribbons pre-made for a good price.Try going in with another leader to share costs. Give ribbons for $1000, $2000, $5000 and $10,000 in sales in a month (or whatever is a good rate for you and your company). And don’t forget to recognize them in the team newsletter!
  • Spotlight Team Member – If you have a team newsletter, pick a team member that has done particularly well and highlight them in a spotlight.Do an interview, and include a picture of them and their family. Make sure to tell the team what YOU think is SPECIAL about this team member, and why you picked them. If possible, get some quotes from other team members on what they recognize as special about this team member. Send your spotlight member a small gift-card as a token for the Spotlight feature.

You have no idea how many people stay in network marketing for the recognition. It’s a need that many people don’t even know they have…until it’s met.

Because they’ve never had it before, it becomes addicting and inspires them to want to do so much more to continue to gain more recognition. For the reason that it feels so good, they don’t want to give it up. It would be too much of a loss.

So if you are a leader, look for ANY way that you can recognize the members of your team. You don’t have to have a big budget. Remember that the gestures don’t have to be grand.

They just have to be very heart felt, appropriate, and consistent. A little recognition goes a very long way.

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