As you work on your network marketing business, you will find that there will be people who can help you in your business that you will want to develop relationships with.

They may be someone who has been a superstar recruiter that you want to pick their brain. Or maybe someone who has been a stand out sales star that you want to learn more from.

These are relationships that need to be cultivated and grown. I have found it helpful to liken relationships to bank accounts. Now it’s not nearly as cold as it sounds! It’s really a simple analogy.

You see, when you first open up a bank account, it’s better to really build up your account by making some deposits before you start making some withdraws.

That’s where most people fail in relationships – whether it’s friendships, love interests or business relationships. They start withdrawing too quickly.

In fact, they start withdrawing so quickly that they do what some people do in real bank accounts…they go in the negative. Quickly.

And just like some people bounce from bank to bank opening up different accounts… many people bounce from relationship to relationship. You’ll see this often in network marketing! And it’s not what you want to do!

So how can you make deposits into your relationship banks quicker than you withdraw? Here are a few simple tips to follow:

1. Serve

Make an effort to find what the other person in the business relationship needs/wants and serve them. Service is the absolute best way to build up a relationship bank. Service doesn’t have to be big and over the top.

It can be simply passing a referral on to a business relationship. The service must be sincere and without an expectation of anything in return. Serve willingly and serve often.

2. Communicate

Send an email or pick up the phone. Find a way to establish sincere and thoughtful communication. Compliment them. Let them know that you have seen what they do, and you admire them.

Again, this doesn’t have to be over the top. Just a simple compliment will do!

3. Be positive

When you are talking with each other, have positive communication. Don’t be the person who is complaining about the industry, your company or others in the field.

4. Be a listener

Don’t do all the talking. Make sure you are listening as well. If you have the opportunity to communicate in person, make sure you have good eye contact.

Don’t be so over zealous to “get what you need” that you are nodding and saying “uh huh, uh huh…” just so you can ask for a favor.

They’ll know it…believe me. The ones who are the “movers and shakers” in the industry are used to being “kissed up to”. Just be yourself and sincerely listen.

Allow yourself the opportunity to serve the person you want to build the relationship with…build up your deposits. Eventually, when the time is right, you will be able to make a withdraw.

Be patient. A good business relationship takes time and effort to cultivate. You never want to be known as “that person” that is the taker. You know the one.

The one who goes from person to person taking, and never giving. Be a giver first and foremost, and good things will come!

Jennifer Asidao-Querubin
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