Your New You in the New Norm

How have you been the past few months? It hasn’t been easy for sure.

Congratulations on keeping it together the best way you know how.

Seriously, give yourself credit. This challenging time is changing us. We hear of further lockdowns and more COVID-19 cases. If you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re not alone in this pandemic.

These past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of worried statements from colleagues and clients.

I was speaking to a client of mine the other day. She has a doctorate degree in psychology. Mental health issues are on the rise. Now she’s finding ways to serve the increasing demand for her services given the time she has.

My other client shared how social distancing from her siblings is adding to the stress of caring for their 92 year old father.

I had to figure out a way to stay physically fit during quarantine given all the gyms were closed.

As you know life is what we make of it. We can live either side of the same coin.

From stories of struggles come the little triumphs:

  • One client became number one in sales at her network marketing company by holding online beauty breaks.
  • Other clients are stepping into leadership roles due to doubling down on their mindset work. The lockdown has allowed them to do this.
  • My clients are closing real estate deals despite the pandemic.

This time doesn’t just have to be about economic and physical survival.

You can THRIVE during this time of uncertainty and adversity.

WAIT, is that even possible?

Well it starts with the what first and then take it from there.

It takes a re-arrangement of the Mind. The mind you say? Yes, the Mind, with a capital M.

This means beyond the brain. Intrigued? I hope so!

I’d like to invite you to my FREE 4 day Master Class entitled: “The New You in the New Norm”

Monday, August 24th till Thursday, August 27th, 1pm-2pm central each day.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in this 4-day Master Class:

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  • Find your internal compass that will lead you to the future you want.
  • Reinvent several aspects of your life and yourself.
  • Identify the hidden opportunities amidst adversity.

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Jennifer Asidao-Querubin is founder and CEO of Reach Your Highest Potential. She is an educator, facilitator and coach. Mentored by world renowned teacher and speaker on the topic of human development and potential, Bob Proctor, Jennifer has been nominated as one of the Hidden Gems for the greater Chicagoland area by Times Out Chicago magazine.

She is a certified consultant and an Inner Circle Member with the Proctor Gallagher Institute organization.

Jennifer has over 20 years in the health care industry as a registered nurse. She has a passion for spirituality, entrepreneurialism and creativity. For the past two and a half years, Jennifer has helped leaders, creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs understand the role of the mind in relation to behavior and results in both professional and personal life. She specializes in helping individuals transform belief systems on a subconscious level.