Funded Proposal? What’s that? You mean you’ve never heard of the idea of having someone pay you to become your prospect? Well then, this is big and important news. If you only read one piece of information today, let it be this. It will revolutionize the way you do business. The concept of funded proposals isn’t terribly complicated, but it is tremendously effective.

Let’s get started on the basics of the Funded Proposal

You’re probably familiar with the concept of offering something special to people who give you their email address and name. You give them a free report or access to a video series as a thank you. It’s a classic way to build your list, and it’s a fine way to build your list. You have probably signed up to many things just for the free gifts, and you probably have ended up making a few purchases as a result too.

But let’s expand on this. What if you offered a really great quality product at a low price that was in some way related to your business or products? The people who become your customers have just proven themselves to be better qualified prospects than those who are just looking for a free giveaway.

That’s what a funded proposal is. You offer an excellent introductory product at a low price. This accomplishes several good things:

  • You get a better qualified prospect on your list.
  • You make some money from that sale.
  • That prospect will love the product they bought from you and want to come back for more, even if they don’t join your opportunity, chances are you’re going to make more money from that person.

The main goals of the funded proposal are to bring a flow of money in from the beginning, as you start growing your MLM business and to keep that steady flow coming in, and to bring you prospects who are prequalified.

Since your buyer has already demonstrated an interest in what you’re offering by spending some of his or her hard earned cash on your product, you already know that this person has a better chance of joining you than someone who just decided they wanted to take advantage of some free offer.

By showing that they are willing to invest in something that is related to your business or products they have proven themselves as worth your time to pursue.

Now there is nothing wrong with offering things for free. Good free products generate leads too, and plenty of interest. Freebies are fine. But the products that sell through your funded proposal system are going produce more positive results in the long run.

As far as being a component of your marketing plan, the funded proposal for most MLMers is not just an option – it’s a necessity!

If you’re interested in learning about how to implement a funded proposal system into your MLM business, you can learn every detail by taking a look at Mike Dillard’s book, “Magnetic Sponsoring”. One of the focuses of the Magnetic Sponsoring system is using funded proposals because they make it so much easier to keep momentum going, especially in the crucial early phases of your businesses growth.

The point is to not let this pass you by – using funded proposals will make a huge difference in your MLM business.