So you’ve got an MLM business. Great stuff. How is it going? Great? OK? Not so hot? Even if you think it’s going great, I bet you can improve on that greatness! And if it’s not going well, I know for certain that you can improve your business performance. Simply put, you can improve your business with Magnetic Sponsoring also known as Attraction Marketing.

There is no doubt about this. If you learn the Attraction Marketing system, and if you’re willing to put the effort into making some very positive changes, you’ll see positive results.

Your existing MLM business can benefit from the addition of the Attraction Marketing system because you’ll learn how to use it to grow your list of prospects. You’ll also learn about funded proposals, which helps you increase your list of qualified prospects.

Cold calling, pestering your friends and family, and doing other things, like printing and posting flyers will be a thing of the past, and this is good, because those methods aren’t very effective and certainly aren’t enjoyable.

With Attraction Marketing you’ll learn methods of getting leads that are effective and a lot more pleasant to use than bugging your friends and neighbors only to discover that you’ve alienated everyone who lives on your block!

Let’s look at what Attraction Marketing offers:

  • Funded Proposals – The funded proposal is a way of creating an ongoing cash flow, even before you bring the first person on board for your downline, and from people who may never join your downline! Funded proposals create not only cash flow, and thus, momentum, but a list of prequalified prospects. These are people who have already shown genuine interest in your business. And they’ve already given you some of their hard-earned cash by making a purchase. So with funded proposals, you’ve got an opportunity to build an excellent list, that keeps building itself, and to earn money from those on your list regardless of whether or not they join your downline! Funded proposals are extremely effective.
  • You will learn how to brand yourself as someone worth following, turning yourself into someone who is viewed as an expert. Having expert status automatically gives you an edge with customers and prospects. They want to buy from and go into business with someone that they view as being a real expert. With Attraction Marketing, you’ll learn exactly how to gain expert status on the Internet.
  • You’ll learn how to educate, train, support and encourage your downline. Without a strong leader, an MLM business won’t go anywhere. When you learn how to help your downline be the best they can possibly be, everyone will benefit, including you!
  • You’ll have access to tools that will help you strengthen your business like you wouldn’t believe.

Want to learn how to build your business on a shoe-string budget?

Or about recruiting a downline of top performers?

Do you want to have a better understanding of how you can use and leverage all the tools that are offered to everyone on the web?

If you’re wondering if Attraction Marketing might have some negative effects on your existing business, the answer is a great big NO! The beauty of Attraction Marketing is that it can be bolted on to the side of your business and used as an additional set of very useful tools and ideas for ramping up your recruiting efforts and your cash flow.

It’s not designed to take away from your existing business, only to add value to it. It’s like giving your business a vitamin shot in the arm!

And while some of the ideas of Attraction Marketing might seem a little different, they are all built around using the Internet to your best advantage.

The old days of traditional MLM are gone and with them are the old ways. It’s of the utmost importance to learn how to use the Internet to help you with your business.

Here is our FREE Introduction to Attraction Marketing e-course that you can start with. All you have to do is register on our site to gain access. It will give you the foundation to start moving your MLM business into the age of The Internet. This is a fantastic starting point for using Attraction Marketing to give your business an advantage and to help you create the network marketing success you desire.

Put the NET back in Network Marketing, get paid to prospect even if nobody joins your business, turn yourself into an expert and a leader, and finally achieve your MLM dreams.

All with Attraction Marketing.