Your Highest Potential Book Study Club

I remember when word just hit the lockdown was happening throughout the country. Things were never going to be the same from that point. Something told me to gather the people I have worked with and double down on studying with them. Something told me it was the best thing to do and so I made the decision as to when to start, which book to study together and began inviting a list of people. We have not stopped since.

Despite the disruptions, my clients have gone on to become top in sales within their sales organizations, closed more deals in real estate, reach their financial goals, get their dream home and most importantly maintained their mental health by increasing the mastery of their thoughts and emotions during the pandemic. It was uncanny to hear my mentor, Bob Proctor, literally say during virtual public question and answer events, his biggest recommendation was to study more diligently during this time. Right there with you Bob!

“Holding Space for Your Unfoldment”

The greatest feedback I heard was when students were telling me the impact studying in a group setting had on them despite the fact they had read the book on their own before. They had not realized how much they missed reading the book solo.

Studying with others amplified the internalization of the material. Bob has said when you put two individuals thinking on the same wavelength together you don’t have two minds, you have eleven.

The book study group was accelerating everyone’s growth and unfoldment in life and business.

With this said I invite you to join us in studying Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s book “Psycho Cybernetics” copyright 2015 edition. The book takes a deeper dive into the area of the subconscious mind related to self image. I chose this book because Self Image is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest mental block majority of people face.

Do you have wonderful goals and dreams to fulfill? Well you better make sure your self image on a subconscious level matches those dreams. The question is WHO must you be in order to manifest that beautiful vision of yours?

“We can never outperform our Self Image” – Bob Proctor

We commence this new journey together on Monday, April 5th. We will gather every morning Monday through Friday from 8:15am-9am CST / 6:15am-7am PST / 9:15am-10am EST. In case you are unable to make each session, no worries. They will be recorded and you will get access to the recordings.

We take our time with reading the material together. Nothing is rushed.

  • Join Your Highest Potential Book Study Group.
  • Become part of a supportive, safe environment, where you can learn, ask questions and share your wisdom.
  • Network with like minded individuals.
  • Have the opportunity to trouble shoot issues you are facing.
  • Mastermind from a higher level of thinking created by the group Mind.
  • Get access to all recordings (15 hours of content per month).
  • Private FB Page.
  • Access to a mindset coach (That’s me😊).

Think of daily study and developing the discipline to do so as going to your mental gym. Like any other muscle in your physical body, if they are not exercised, they will get weak. The same goes for your mental muscles. In order for your imagination, focus, innovative thinking, problem solving skills and adaptability to strengthen, you got to exercise them.

Make sense? Thought so!

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Jennifer Asidao-Querubin is founder and CEO of Reach Your Highest Potential. She is an educator, facilitator and coach. Mentored by world renowned teacher and speaker on the topic of human development and potential, Bob Proctor, Jennifer has been nominated as one of the Hidden Gems for the greater Chicagoland area by Times Out Chicago magazine.

She is a certified consultant and an Inner Circle Member with the Proctor Gallagher Institute organization.

Jennifer has over 20 years in the health care industry as a registered nurse. She has a passion for spirituality, entrepreneurialism and creativity. For the past two and a half years, Jennifer has helped leaders, creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs understand the role of the mind in relation to behavior and results in both professional and personal life. She specializes in helping individuals transform belief systems on a subconscious level.